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     Founded by graduates of top US and Chinese schools in 2015, Pegasus Global Vision integrates storytelling and cultural content across a broad spectrum of media—from film, to publishing, live events, and web content. Based on the experiences of our filmmakers, writers, artists, and former professional athletes, PGV believes that entertainment seen from a global perspective is the key to unity and societal change. PGV’s mission is to focus on this goal, with the belief that business success and growth are inherent to the building of bridges and the realization of new ideas. Since the creation of our content consulting services, our team has nurtured published novels, award winning films, and other media projects through various stages, including preliminary development through to distribution.

     As PGV enters its next phase, including the generation of original projects & connecting financiers with worthy endeavors, we eagerly look for opportunities to collaborate alongside others that share our passion for common visions.

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